The Forgotten

I live alone in a land amongst giants
I scream so loud, yet my voice is silent
My inner being is filled with violence
I scream so loud, yet my voice is silent

There’s a war that wages deep in my soul
I long for the day my story is told
I’m the one that wasnt formed by societies mold
No matter what I do I’m never in control

Every step I take is in anothers shadow
I scream so loud, yet my voice is silent
Every move I make brings me closer to the gallows
I scream so loud, yet my voice is silent

I’ll die in this land, my corpse will lie rotten
I am the one and only, I am the forgotten

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My Best Friend is Ben Affleck Pt. 2

You long for love but it will escape you
You’ll find lust but it will only break you
Then you’ll come begging for mercy and affection
And youll be craving all of the damn attention
I was just your latest fling
Your puppet on a string
You went from me to the next trend
So much for best friends
I could resent the time that we shared
But instead I’ll pretend that you cared
And fill my mind with manufactured memories
To try and stop my brain from hemorrhaging
I breathe in and bleed out
I’m backed in and need out
I was just a game to you
So now I say that we’re through
I was just your latest fling
Your puppet on a string
You went from me to the next trend
So much for best friends
You searched for love but it escaped you
You dropped to your knees and became what I made you
You gave in to lust and now you lie broken
You fulfilled all the words that I’ve spoken
I won’t be another fling
Today I cut my strings
I’m a puppet who broke from it’s master
I wont be devoured by your cancer

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I’m Not Concieted, I’m Just the Shit!

If u could see what runs through my head

You’d never cry another tear for your self

There were more in my boat but now there dead

They killed themselves, never waiting for help

But me, I’ve sat and I’ve waited

And I’ve constantly debated

Choosing the same fate

As the others who couldn’t wait

But giving up

has never been in my blood

So I won’t give up

I’ll just wash the world away in a flood

Cause that’s what they’ve done to me

As they saw my struggle and pushed me farther out to sea

Not knowing how hard it is to be

The inconvenient little fuck that is me

But they were to blind to see

That all I do is lay here and bleed

And all the while I plead

For no one to end up like me

Hiding in the shadows

Hiding from the gallows

And swimming where it’s not shallow

Hoping to accidentally drown

And be paraded around town

Shown as the little boy with so much potential

They’d never check my credentials

For I was the boy who never wore a frown

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My Guitar Has A Moustache

I watch…
(As the battle starts on the horizon)
I look…
(As the sky turns to a sullen grey)
I wait…
(As the many before me fall to their open graves)

This is nothing more
Than the most epic religious war
You ask what is it for?
An attempt for the final score

(The rain falls,
Washing the blood away,
I drop to my knees)

Most will die
Few will survive
Yet they all run and hide
Cause they’ve got to try

(The battle rages on,
No one can stop it,
Millions must die,
On this battlefield tonight)

Four letters ends it all
Everyone stops as the bombs fall

(The battles over,
I’m all that remains,
I open my mouth to take a breath,
And realize that I have nothing left)

As I walk to the sea
I look out and see
The martyred souls of many
(Marching toward me)

(Nowhere to run,
Nowhere to hide,)
I break down and cry

No more waiting…
(Now I pray…………………..)

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All Friendships Eventually End

We were best friends But now were at our end (You couldn’t deal with the shit in your life So you ended it with the sharp blade of a knife) Chorus: Why’d you have to go And leave me all alone The worlds never been as cold As it is when your on your own We were best friends (I’m all alone) But now were at our end (don’t know where to go) I give up on you (Turn my thoughts away) As I brace myself (For a new day) (/c) X2 BD: You took my friend (And I hate you for it) So I grab my cup of poison (and brace myself for bliss) (all you left behind) Besides this note (one bullet left in a 9) And all the hearts you broke (/BD) C Chant: The note said tell my friends I’m sorry Well I’m sorry too Cause I’ll never forgive you I feel the poison coarse through my veins As outside it starts to rain Now my body is all that remains The rain starts to increase As the wind starts to howl and shriek The cause is something you’d never believe It’s my old friend sobbing cause again we’re about to meet As I cross the dividing line Between actual life and afterlife I see the once friend of mine And protruding from his neck is the knife Blood gushes from his two grievous wounds As I stare I muffle a gasp and a cry As I look him in the eye The only question I can ask is why He looks to me and says “my whole life I wished I was dead I never thought it through with my head On me, the whole world seemed to tread So with the slice of a knife and the click of a gun, I’m dead I wish I had a second chance, I’d take another shot at romance Down the streets I’d prance People would stare as if in a trance But second chances aren’t giving out easily I never thought you’d follow me” “Well the words best friend meant something to me” I declare, the sound of my voice muffled with grief “You took the easy way out I couldn’t stand to sit around and think about the times we shared And realize you never actually cared So now eternity awaits And that whole time you get to sit and debate The choices that you made Which is the reason were no longer friends today

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Carpe Diem

This life is mine It’s not for you I’ll be just fine I’ll make it through I’ll be what you want me to be What I never thought I could be What I was made to be I’ll just be me If you lock the door Throw away the key I’ll strive for more And be all that I can be Trust me This final time Stand by As I make this world mine Now you know What made my eyes Twinkle and shine I’ve listened to your cries As you prayed for my life Cry no more For this is our destination We can all rest easy tonight For I’ve finally made it

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Is This Some Sort of Interactive Theater Art Piece?

I’ll wash away

The memories we had

You stab me in the back again

I’ll cut off your fucking hand

You’re the epitome

Of a worthless fucking trend

Watch your back, don’t run your mouth

or it’ll be your end

I’m not one for confrontation

But you will end in mutilation

You ripped out

My heart which I gave you

You’ll scream and shout

As I mame you

I don’t mean to discourage

As for your friendship I returned it

I now have no reason to know you

Bitch I fucking own you

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God’s Updated Plan

The rising tide

Engulfs your body and cleanses your soul

You have nowhere to hide

This is Gods attempt to make you whole

You’ve been a sinner

Your whole life

Like pouring a glass of paint thinner

and forcing it down the throat of your wife

Sometimes when creating

It’s easier to wipe off the slate

And start over again

Before it’s too late

That’s wat gods doing

He’s tired of losing

So he’s killing you

To start a new

Your one small sacrifice

On his path to global righteousness

He’ll strike you down on the blackest night

You can try but you won’t win a fight like this

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My Heart’s Been Twat-Strangeled

I’m a hollow shell of what I used to be.

You had me bound and chained, never giving me the key

All that’s left is this emaciated frame of all my hopes and dreams.

I used to wonder why we’d never won but now I see we played on different teams.

So now as I walk away, trust that I wont look back

You always dropped the rope leaving me to pick up the slack

Well you dropped your end again, so now I feed you to the sharks

I know we’d had chemistry cause I could feel all the sparks

Now the sparks never turned into flame,

Correct me if I’m wrong but you’re the one to blame

I was the sheep, while you were the herder

Congratulations, You’ve gotten away with murder

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When Karma Fails, I’m the Executor

Your death is my first step toward utopia

Giving in to love has always been my phobia

You’re one reason this is the case

Life with you was a hard-fought race

But I have finally won

Hence you staring down the barrel of my gun

There’s two bullets in the chamber

And you’re in imminent danger

When we first met you hid the real you,

It was right beneath the surface lurking

Waiting until my love for you was burning

Then your real self surfaced

What did I do to deserve this

Either Karma missed its mark

Or you broke from its plan

To you, winning was a lark

Well your sense of humor is twisted and bland

Tonight is just a glimpse of my mind

I hope you like the taste

Cause I’ve finally found

That your life is a waste

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